ARC OF SNOHOMISH COUNTY- Part of the largest national community-based organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  We encompass all ages and all spectrums from autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X and various other developmental disabilities.

DOWN SYNDROME COMMUNITY OF PUGET SOUND-Their mission is to provide impactful programs and resources for individuals with Down syndrome and their families while evolving perceptions in the broader community.  

ARC OF WASHINGTON STATE-The Arc of Washington State is a leader in developing services and programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

WASHINGTON STATE FATHER'S NETWORK-Their mission is to promote fathers as crucially important people in their children’s and families’ lives.

DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES ADMINISTRATION (DDA)-The DDA Mission: Transforming lives by providing support and fostering partnerships that empower people to live the lives they want.

WASHINGTON STATE DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES COUNCIL-The DDC works to assure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have access to supports that promote independence, productivity, integration and inclusion into the community of their choice.

INFORMING FAMILIES-Find opportunities for your child to grow and develop. Learn about early intervention services and connect with other families.

SHERWOOD COMMUNITY SERVICES-They believe people with disabilities and their families should have the opportunities and support to reach their full potential.

CHILDSTRIVE-ChildStrive’s success stems from a foundational belief in family empowerment and a strength-based model that maximizes each child’s abilities so that they can get the very best start in life. 

CASCADE CHILDREN'S THERAPY- Providing physical and occupational therapy and speech/language therapy to children from birth through adolescence. 

PROVIDENCE CHILDREN'S CENTER-The Providence Children’s Center was established in the early 1980’s as a Neurodevelopmental Center, initially to compensate for children with special health needs that did not have primary health providers. We see children from birth through two years of age in the natural environment. For children three and older, services are provided in the clinic. In addition to the outpatient setting, we also provide therapy services to children in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).